Monday, the USA Network began weeknight reruns, in sequence, of two campy, clever, syndicated recent converts to the Fox series 「Ally McBeal」 were given the same opportunity. Ever since

Old reruns of The Practice best law drama there ever was. 2 Likes JaSamG4L March 25, 2020, 3:06am #3 I never saw that. I think the closest I came to a law show was Ally McBeal

30/6/2012 · (Forgive me if there is an existing thread, but I hadnt found one in the search results) Having not seen this show since it originally aired (while quitting it after Billy died), I am currently watching the first season reruns on REELZ with reawakened eyes, so to speak.

Ok, so on the Reelz Channel they have been playing reruns of Ally McBeal. I don’t know how people feel about the show but I was bored so I watched it.