27/10/2010 · Hi We frequently hear the word LEGAL here in the US. I have been asked many times. if i am LEGAL? So i was wondering what does this LEGAL ALIEN or LEGAL Immigrant means? As per my common sense I beleive any body in the USA holding a valid visa

14/8/2010 · between Legal Immigration and people who commit a crime By coming to the US ILLEGALLY? Any crime is a crime so why justify someone committing a crime of this nature when you would not justify the same people if the raped, robbed or murdered a member of

21/9/2012 · Immigration Debate: The Problem with the Word Illegal It’s inflammatory, imprecise and, most of all, inaccurate. So why does everyone — from Chuck Schumer to Mitt Romney — use it? FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images People wait in line to enter the

“@johncusack Does the word 『illegal』 mean anything to you?